What is this ‘Dropped Pin’ on Google Maps

Google Maps' New Drop Pin Feature Is Like Having a Personal Navigator

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dropped pin

Introduction: What is a dropped pin?

When you drop a pin in Google Maps, you’re marking your current location so you can easily find it again.
Dropped pins also help friends and family track your whereabouts.

Here’s how to drop a pin on Google Maps:

Open Google Maps and zoom in to the location where you want to drop the pin.
Tap the blue location dot at the bottom of the map. Select “Drop Pin.”
A small blue dot will appear at your current location.
Drag the dot to the desired spot on the map, then release it.
The name of the place will appear above the dot.

If you want to share your dropped pin with others, tap “Share” and choose how you want to share it.
You can send it as a text message, email, or post it on social media.


How to drop a pin on google maps

When you drop a pin on Google Maps, you create a marker at that spot.
This is helpful for noting important locations or sharing your current whereabouts with friends.
You can drop a pin on Google Maps in several ways, depending on your device and operating system.

If you’re using the Google Maps website on a computer, you can drag the map to the desired location and then click the “drop pin” button in the toolbar.

If you’re using the Google Maps app on a mobile device, you can tap anywhere on the map to drop a pin, or use the search bar to enter an address or place name.

Once you’ve dropped a pin, you can add information about it by clicking on the marker and selecting “add info.”
This lets you include photos, notes and other details about your location.


What to do with a dropped pin on google maps

When you drop a pin on Google Maps, you’re marking a specific spot on the map for yourself or others to reference.
The dropped pin will show up as a blue pushpin on the map, and a small pop-up window will appear with the coordinates, address and other information about the spot.
Depending on how you’re using Google Maps, there are several things you can do with a dropped pin.

If you’re looking at a map of an area and want to mark your current location, drop a pin by clicking on the blue dot in the bottom right corner of the map.
This will add your current location as a new dropped pin.

If you’ve found an interesting place while browsing Google Maps and want to save it for later, drop a pin by clicking on the place’s name or address in the pop-up window.



Dropped pins are a great way to mark a location on a map for future reference.
When you drop a pin, Google saves the latitude and longitude coordinates of the spot, as well as an image of the location and any notes you add.
You can then access this information at any time by opening your Google Maps history.

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